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The 3 best Desktop Stock Ticker

Stock Ticker Application Bar is a desktop stock ticker which continuously retrieves stock quotation marks. The stock is a quite simple tape stock ticker that can be placed at the bottom or at the top of your screen. It can be configured to show quotation marks of predefined list of stock and securities secret code in the form of a scrolling message. It can show quotation marks for up to 201 stocks, bonds and other securities, manually or automatically updating the data, it has user defined screen positioning, scrolling speed, and fonts selection. The configuration includes top and bottom price visuals and sound alarms. It is integrated with financial research website A built in symbol lookup feature gives you an access to a database of several thousands securities listed on NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX.
All in all a very useful and highly configurable desktop stock ticker.
It’s a free stock ticker, since it’s shareware and free to try.

Stock Market Quotation marks Ticker is another ideal scrolling desktop ticker tape with witch you can easily monitor real-time stock quotation marks from Yahoo Financial section. This free stock ticker displays a very eye-catching led show which you can customize in quite many ways.
The ticker is shareware and free to try.

WorldFlash News Ticker Gold is much more than just a desktop stock ticker. As the publisher describes it: “a private news and information agent”. You can choose among more than 220 RSS feeds, ranging from stock quotation marks, latest headlines and weather. You can also use RSS to track blogs, keyword topics, industries, companies, auctions, job listings and more.
You can setup stock price alerts and keywords based news monitoring, which is quite a handy feature. On top of that you can read your email from more than 10 accounts.
The WorldFlash News Ticker Gold is a highly configurable desktop stock ticker (and really so much more), and the price is very reasonable $45.
The nearly free stock ticker comes with a 45 day trial period.


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