Desktop Stock Ticker

Late to the Rally? Bet On Value Stocks

An odd thing happened on the way to financial oblivion last year. Stock that started off cheaper than the broad market performed much worse than ones that didn’t. Value investors, as people who favor such inexpensive shares are called, understandably expected them to lead the market in 2009. Incredibly, they’ve continued to lag well behind […]

The best 3 Free Desktop Stock Tickers

With so many different free desktop stock tickers to choose from it can be a tough call to pick which one to use. In this post I’ll go through three of them. From Stress Free Trading: Desktop US Stock Ticker allows you to have real time stock quotation marks (since it is a free real time […]

Get your Free Desktop Stock Ticker today!

Free Stock tickers are everywhere! You see them in the Finance Section of all major TV networks, running in the top or bottom of the screen. Every online trading company has one. The benefit of a real time stock ticker are that you get a quick overview of stock prices in a very intuitive format. […]

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