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Best and Worst Stocks for Earnings Season

The third calendar quarter ends Wednesday, and earnings season — a loosely defined period during which many companies report financial results — starts in early to mid-October. Wall Street’s published forecasts suggest that operating earnings underlying the S&P 500, the index that represents most of America’s stock ticker market by value, will have fallen 9% […]

10 Funds Staging a Comeback

Adam Bold, the founder of independent advisory The Mutual Fund Store, is keeping what he calls a “bounce-back” list — tabulations of how some of his favorite funds have performed since stock tickers hit their lows earlier this year and late in 2008. As the Dow Jones Industrial Average hits and then surpasses the key […]

5 Promising Stocks From Your Pantry

Investors have returned to stock tickers in brave fashion. But while they’re placing pricey bets on struggling sectors, they may be ignoring some prosperous and cheap companies whose products fill their kitchen pantry. Since the S&P 500 index closed at a humble 676 on March 9 it has rebounded 30%. Within the index, financials and […]

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