Desktop Stock Ticker | Stocks: Best week in two years

Stocks: Best week in two years

Stocks: Best week in two years
The fireworks came early on Wall Street. Stocks started the second half of the year firing on all cylinders Friday, posting the strongest week in two years, as fresh data boosted investor optimism about the state of the economy.
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Google Gets To 6 With Help From New Features
Google recently unveiled a few new features related to its search business. [1] These features include voice search for desktop Chrome users, image search on the desktop browser and Instant Pages for faster search results. Google continues to dominate in the search advertising market where it competes with Microsoft, Yahoo and AOL. Search is the most valuable business for Google, and accounts …
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NetApp Eyes if it Hangs on to Software Market Share
NetApp recently announced enhancements to its OnCommand Management software to improve its service capabilities in cloud environments and to better work with third-party cloud management solutions. The announcement has come right after NetApp witnessed a 1% decline in its share of the global storage software market, which expanded nearly 13% overall in 1Q11 according to research firm IDC. [1 …
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