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Speculation And Trading Vs. Gambling

For this week’s weekend reading, I pulled an article off of the Seriously folks, if you haven’t made this website a part of your daily reading yet, you are truly missing out! The articles are top notch, there are probably 10-15 posts by Tim Knight and the guest posters a day (I am one of those posters as well) and there is a comment section that is extremely informative as well as humorous. So I suggest you stop by there and check it out. The article below was written by one of Tim’s guest posters, his ‘calling-card’ is ”Market Sniper’ and I, as well as many others, have been fortunate to learn a lot from him and his market insight. So read his thoughts below and see how you are doing in balancing your trading with the tendency to roll the dice.

This is a topic about which there appears to be a tremendous amount<a href="http://www.istock″>[More...]


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