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How to Find the Best Online Stock Trading Companies

How to buy stocks online?

If you are considering day trading in stocks, you will want to find the best online stock trading company. But what should you look for in a online stock trading company? The following post will try to help you choose the best stock trading company for you.

Obviously you should look at the hard facts, like fees and interests, but it is also important that you visit the site and get a “feel” for it and the trading tool they offer – there really is a big difference.

Remember that many of the stock trading sites will let you open a demo account, and you can get an idea of how the real thing works and how to buy stocks online.


It is important to pay attention to the fee structure and how the fees work with your trading style. A day trader will want the lowest fees possible, but an infrequent trader should look for maintenance or inactivity fees. But remember that the stock trading company needs to earn their money somewhere – and if they offer very low or no fees for trading stocks, they definitely charge more for other services.

Personal advice

If you are a beginner or you just need some personal stock trading advice, be sure to check if your trading company offers this service, and what they charge you for it.

Here are some of the best online stock trading sites you should take a look at:

Charles Schwab

Schwab is really the king of discount trading and is continuing this tradition to its online trading services – although it is looking more like a traditional brokerage all the time. Schwab is offering their own stock and market research and clients can work with an investment advisor or Schwab will manage their account for them. Schwab offers a clear, easy-to-use screen providing everything you need to make the most of your trades


When ranking online stock brokers, Fidelity shows up at the top or near the top almost every time. They are not the cheapest stock broker, but their customer satisfaction is one of the highest in the business. Fidelity is also known for its extensive research and investors and traders can talk to advisers face-to-face at one of the many Fidelity investment centers.


E*Trade is know for its huge range of trading offerings, also including banking and mutual funds. E*Trade has merged with quite a few other trading firms and is now a big player in the online stock trading market. Like most of their competitors, the most active traders get lower rates on their trades.


Consolidating your investment activity in one account is one of the biggest advantages of a brokerage account, thereby cutting down on the paperwork. Firstrade recently topped a survey by Kiplinger as being the online stock trading broker offering the most no-load mutual funds without a transaction fee.


Another company with very high customer satisfaction is Scottrade. Their commissions are quite low and most transactions are processed quickly and easy.

Most of the stock trading companies offers free desktop stock tickers when signing up. Also note that not all stock trading companies offers online option trading or online future trading, so if that is something you plan to do, you should make sure they do.


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