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Scalp Trading – Profiting In A Volatile Market

Scalp trading is a way of profiting from price fluctuations in the stock market. These trades are usually fast and sometimes difficult to judge, lasting from seconds to mere minutes with only 0.125 to 0.5 point gains. When just beginning, trade with small shares to reduce the cost of learning as you gain experience. Think […]

Use your desktop stock ticker and go for a long-term strategy

How to make investments in 2009 if you want a reasonable return on your money? The answer is: Think beyond one year – and invest in shares. The yield on a single year can vary extremely, which we just have witnessed, but during several years’ time there is a very good chance of a decent […]

How to Find the Best Online Stock Trading Companies

How to buy stocks online? If you are considering day trading in stocks, you will want to find the best online stock trading company. But what should you look for in a online stock trading company? The following post will try to help you choose the best stock trading company for you. Obviously you should […]

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